We recently contacted Dr. Leach to euthanize our little dog, Duffy. She was over 14 years old and had been experiencing hip degeneration for the last couple of years. She was on medications which helped her considerably. Then in March, our vet informed us that her kidneys were beginning to fail. She was on prescription foods to slow that process, but we knew the day would come when we had to make the tough decision. Duffy was always terrified the moment we walked into the door of her old veterinary clinic. So, we needed to find someone to come to our home when the time came. When our son’s cat suffered liver failure, Dr. Andrea Leach came to his home and helped her pass peacefully. Our son recommended we contact Dr. Leach. This was during the Thanksgiving weekend so I sent Andrea an email on Sunday. She returned my email within an hour. The next day, when Andrea came to our home, Duffy took a liking to her, partly because she had lots of treats. We moved Duffy to our bed, her favorite place, and as she munched the treats, she slowly became drowsy and fell asleep peacefully with her two favorite humans stroking her gently. We have had dogs and cats all our adult lives and I have been through this process many times, always at the veterinary clinics. I have never witnessed the kindness, compassion and caring that Dr. Andrea Leach brought to us at this difficult time. We look forward to her caring for our cat, Molly with the same kindness, compassion and professionalism. You couldn’t ask for more.
— Bob & Barb M., San Diego
Dr. Leach saw our two dogs for the first time this week. What a wonderful decision on our part to try a Vet who makes house calls! Dr. Leach was not only amazing with our dogs, but with two worrisome Mom’s who bombarded her with questions. By the way, she tirelessly answered all of those questions. Both our dogs were enthralled with her and she was able to examine them without any distress on their part. I have been telling everyone I know about her and the benefits our dogs received by being seen in their own home. She has done a fabulous job obtaining all past Vet records and reviewing those records as well. After her review she has recommended some further tests to get to the bottom of a couple of the issues. My partner and I feel truly lucky to have stumbled upon this wonderful woman. I highly recommend her for all pet owners. You and your “best friends”, two legged, or four legged will be glad you called her. For additional comments please contact “Molly, or “Rudy”, they will give her 5 PAW Recommendations!
— Lisa W, North Park (Yelp)
I called Dr. Andrea Leach early on a Saturday morning of a holiday weekend in near desperation to find someone who would come to my home to euthanize my failing 15 year old kitty. Dr. Leach returned my call within 10 minutes and set up an appointment to come all the way to my home in East County later that same day. She arrived on time and helped to make a very painful, difficult, and extremely sad time manageable and the best it could be. What has impressed me even more than her empathetic presence in our home has been that in the 7 days since my kitty was euthanized, I have received two thoughtful follow-up emails, a beautiful and touching note card in the mail, and a notification that a contribution was made in Gidgit’s honor to the Humane Society of San Diego (where is where I adopted her 15 years ago) all from/by Dr. Leach. To say that I am deeply touched would be a huge understatement. I am so very grateful for Dr. Leach’s kindness, sympathy, and respect during Gidgit’s final moments and I would highly recommend her. Granted, my only experience with her was on a single day with a very specific veterinary need, but based on this, I would trust any of my animal family members in her kind and capable hands for any reason, at any time.
— Shawn P, Santee
I can never thank you enough for your kindness, compassion and thoughtfulness to Maruh - it really meant a lot to me and my family. It’s comforting to have someone that understands what we’re going through without saying, “it was just a dog.” Your empathy as a professional is very important and you’ve got the touch. Thanks again and sincerely - you were the best person we could have chosen to give Maruh back to the universe.
— Cyndi S., North Park
Thank you so much for helping Munchkin yesterday. It was a hard process to go through, but you definitely made it the easiest process that it could be. I had been dreading that day for years just knowing how close my husband was to her. You were amazing, and I cannot thank you enough.
— Jessica B., San Marcos
The time I’d been dreading for months had finally arrived...having to make the decision to let my sweet, senior Labrador Retriever cross over the rainbow bridge. Although I knew the time was near, the need to say goodbye happened suddenly and after normal business hours. Since it was an emergency and I didn’t want my girl to suffer the stress of being transported to the vet, I knew I had to have a veterinarian come to my home to help her pass peacefully and stress free. I had the names of several vets that were supposed to be able to provide euthanasia services after hours. I frantically called every name on the list, but only received two return calls. The only one that was willing to come right away and with no hesitation was Dr. Leach. She arrived at my home sooner than if I had taken my sweet old girl to the emergency vet.

Providing a peaceful transition for my baby was very important to me...especially after all she’d been through. When Dr. Leach arrived, I knew right away that she was just the right person to help my girl pass on to a better place. She was comforting and compassionate during the process and her kind words made me feel at ease, even during such a sad and painful event. I appreciated the loving and gentle way she handled my baby as I said goodbye. I don’t think it could have been handled any better...Dr. Leach is truly an angel!

I have another senior lab who was also present during the passing. Dr. Leach was very observant and attentive to her behavior as well which helped with the overall process. I will definitely use Dr. Leach again whether it’s for regular veterinary services or when it’s time for my other baby to cross over the rainbow bridge.
— Barb M, Spring Valley (Yelp)
That was one of the hardest decisions of our lives to contribute to and cope with. Your service provided us with the most comfortable and personal way to say goodbye to Simone, and I can’t imagine it any other way. I am in awe of not only your professionalism, but also how personable you are. We can tell you care very much about the work that you do and the bond between humans and their four-legged loved ones. Thank you again for all that you’ve helped us with. You are truly a remarkable person.
— T.B., University Heights
Dr Andrea Leach provided the finest care for my Scottish Deerhound. HouseCollar Vet had the most reasonable rates for home pet euthansia, and the veterinary service exceptional. Dr Leach was prompt, professional, and compassionate. We didn’t feel rushed or pressured in last moments of our pet’s life.

Several months have passed since that appt, and we’ll soon schedule an appt with HouseCollar Vet so Dr Leach can examine our new puppy!
— Suki S, San Diego

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