If you are concerned that your pet is suffering from a serious or life-threatening condition, please proceed to the nearest emergency veterinary facility

Examples of medical conditions that need to be seen immediately include -  

  • trouble breathing

  • signs of extreme pain - yelping, whining, vocalizing, whining, trembling

  • ingestion of a toxin - household cleaners, pesticides, antifreeze, rat poison, etc.

  • pale or white gums

  • extreme weakness or collapsing, disorientation or inability to stand or walk

  • straining or inability to urinate

  • trauma caused by falls, cars or fights

  • vomiting for more than 24 hours, or sooner if with blood, pet is depressed or if excessive

  • dark tarry stools or those with a large amount of blood

  • seizures if more than one in 24 hours or one lasting longer than 5 minutes

  • eye problems, including the inability to close the eyelids 

If you need emergency care and don’t drive or have access to a vehicle, please call a tax or ride-share to transport you and your pet to am emergency vet. Alternatively, some petsitters may be able to provide pet transport, though not usually in emergency situations.