COSMO (2002-2015)

Our beloved Easter beagle! Cosmo ruled the house, especially the kitchen. Every time I looked at her, I would melt. She was beautiful, funny and hungry. We will all miss the love we received from this precious personality. You can never be replaced...

The Webster-Pluord Family

ABBY (1997-2015)

Today, I put to rest my darling pumpkin-loving Abby. Abby was a bright spot in my life for 18 years. I have cried over her declining health for a year, cried my heart out today, and will cry for many days to come. However, I also need to celebrate her life, for I know she would want me to remember her with laughter and not forever with heart-wrenching grief. So I will share some of my fondest memories of Abby: laying on her back with all paws in the air in front of the AC during the hot summer days; begging for cantelope; laying on her back with all paws in the air in her window hammock while staring at the clouds; Abby gracefully allowing her sister Cricket to be the star for 14 years; Abby playing in the water in the water fountain; coming into the living room each evening to lay on my chest and get her love; Abby resting her head against mine nose to nose each evening; Abby jumping into the bathtub with me, laying on my chest while half submerged in water-jumping out and acting surprised that she's wet; playing with her favorite toy "Moosie"; Abby and her love affair with mini pumpkins and the way she chirped at them and napped with them (right up to last night when she limped over to the one on the carpet and laid next to it); and her calling for me since her seizures last year, knowing I would call back and assure her that Mom was here. Thank you my Abby, for a million memories.....for your loyalty and love which I can never repay. I'll love you til the end of time and beyond. Look for Cricket and wait for me at Rainbow Bridge. RIP, my Abby.

Love always, your Mom, March 2015


Tucker in chair.jpg

TUCKER (2004-2013) 

I love this photo of Tucker. I came home one day to find him sitting upright in his favorite chair and he made me laugh. His sourpuss face never matched his calm and loving personality. Tucker gave us nine years of love and companionship and after a valiant fight for his life, we were able to gift him some final peace. He left quietly at home in this chair and is now beside his sister in our yard where we can visit him and remember the good times we shared. We miss you, Tucker, and will never forget you.

R.C. and T.B., July 2013


MILLIE (2002-2012) 

Millie was 3 months old when she and her sister became a part of our family. Our children were grown, and it had been 6 years since we had dog. Though I hesitated adopt two puppies, she wormed her way into my heart the first time I saw her as she came running in with the nose to the ground hot on the trail of some invisible scent.

Millie died year ago of liver failure, and I still think often of the things she loved. Every time I go the park, I think of Millie, who loved to go on walks and "hunt" (luckily she only caught something one time). She was a smart girl who taught herself to sit up when she wanted hugs or wanted to see what treats might be on the table. She would come running from the other room if I silently got her leash off the hook, touched the treat jar or picked up her brush, but I only had to look in the direction of her ear drops or flea prevention for her to disappear to the farthest corner of the house.   

Millie lived with us for 10 years and brought much love into our lives. We love you, Millie. 

G.L. and J.L., August 2013


ENO (2000-2011) 

My husband and I adopted Eno as a Navy retiree when he was 10 years old. At the time, we had 3 dogs and 4 cats and did not need another pet, but Eno was recovering from major surgical complications and needed a home. Thinking we were doing him a great service by providing a comfortable, pet-friendly home in which he could live out the rest of his days, we had no idea how much we would grow to love him. Surprising for a dog that had never lived with other animals, he fit in great at our house (not an easy feat!) and got along wonderfully with his feline and canine brothers and sisters - even letting his chihuahua foster sister think she was the boss. He made us laugh every single day with his goofy, sweet personality. And though we were devastated when Eno was diagnosed with cancer and did not respond to treatment, he was a wonderful example of why adopting older pets can be so rewarding. We love you and miss you, Eni-monster. 

A.L, June 2011


MR. SMITH (2000-2012) 

You were such a serious and regal dog, a wonderful big brother to Honey and a gentle soul. We were lucky that your first family didn't want to keep you and we were able to adopt you as a 1-year-old. You were our first baby and we had many years together, but it's never enough and we weren't ready when you got sick. You were so healthy and strong that we couldn't believe you lost your ability to walk on your own in your last few days. It was hard to let you go, but we loved you so much that we couldn't watch you suffer knowing that you weren't going to get better. We know that you're running around and are no longer in pain now. We love you and will see you again one day, sweet boy.

P.M., August 2012

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