I first decided to start a home vet care business during veterinary school in Athens, Georgia, when I realized how much more comfortable a vet visit could be for both the pet and the pet owner if it took place at home instead of a vet's office. After externing and working at traditional vet practices in Georgia during my education, then working for over three years as a veterinarian in the military in California and Washington, I'm thrilled to have my dream job: I provide friendly, compassionate home vet care to San Diegans who want to keep their dogs and cats healthy and stress-free.

I strive to build a trusting relationship with my customers and pet patients from my first visit. At the same time that I'm making your pets more comfortable by treating them in their home, I want to make you trust that I'm giving you clear and honest advice about your pets' health, the options for their care, and what you and I can do together to give them the longest, happiest lives possible. With a family of four dogs and three cats ranging from ages five to fourteen, I understand the special bond between people and their pets, and I started HouseCollar Vet to help my clients keep that bond strong even when their pets face health problems.

I am a member in good standing of the American Veterinary Medical Association, the California Veterinary Medical Association and the International Association of Animal Hospice and Palliative Care.

If vet care at home sounds like a good choice for you, please contact me to tell me more about your pets and to schedule an appointment.