What should I expect from an at-home euthanasia? 

Please see my "What to expect during at-home euthanasia" page for detailed information about the experience of euthanizing your pet at home.



When is the right time to euthanize my pet?

Please see my "When is the right time to euthanize my pet?" page for help with this decision.



Can my pet be euthanized at home? How much does home euthanasia cost?

Yes. At-home euthanasia can help you avoid additional stress associated with car rides and hospitals, making this delicate procedure as comfortable for you and your pet as possible. I take pride in the special care that I’m able to offer my clients and patients at that difficult time when euthanasia is the most compassionate decision to make for your pet.

All patients are sedated prior to euthanasia. This injection is given very similarly to a subcutaneous (under the skin) vaccination, and it helps your pet relax and provides extra assurance that your pet will feel no pain or anxiety during the rest of the process. The actual euthanasia solution, an anesthetic agent, is usually given in a vein and takes effect almost immediately.  

The cost for at-home euthanasia is $250, which includes travel to your home, an evaluation of your pet, sedation and euthanasia - with your pet's body left in your care. Evening, weekend and holiday euthanasias may be available for an additional fee, and locations outside of central San Diego have an additional travel fee.



After at-home euthanasia, what do I do with my pet?

Prior to my visit, you should consider how you’d like to care for your pet’s body afterward. I can arrange for cremation of your pet with Angel Paws Pet Cremation (formerly Friends Forever Pet Cremation). Cost of cremation is based on the size of your pet and whether your choose communal cremation (no cremated remains returned; ashes are scattered at sea) or individual cremation (cremated remains returned in a cedar urn with a name tag, lock of fur and your pet's clay paw print). Please call 619-356-1747 for a personalized quote.

If you choose for me to arrange cremation of your pet, I will gently remove your pet's body after the euthanasia. If you choose an individual cremation, a representative from Angel Paws will contact you to let you know when your pet's remains are ready to be picked up.

If you would prefer to use another pet cremation service, you’re welcome to arrange with them to pick up your pet’s body after the euthanasia. If you would like to bury your pet's body, please verify the legality based on your city's ordinances.